Answered: Format for the Engineering Notebook

What format should our engineering notebook be in? We have been compiling and entering all of our entries online so that we can easily include videos and pictures into our entries and share our notebook with other team members who may have missed a build session. But it seems like the judges at Orlando will be expecting a more tangible engineering notebook. We were planning on downloading our engineering notebook onto a laptop so that we could show the judges; is that okay? Or should we print out part of it to actually hand the judges?

Here is the response from the Judging guru:

As part of the presentation to the judges, teams are allowed to use any media they deem necessary, including laptops, for the Design award interview. Teams must bring everything with them to the interview (like laptops or other visuals). Teams should be prepared for the judges to ask to keep and review their engineering notebooks. There is no official format specified for the engineering notebook, as the VEX Robotics Competition views the engineering notebook as a tool to assist teams. In this case, it would be beneficial for your team to bring a printed copy of their notebook.