Answered: Fumbled Match Loads


Consider the following; a team member is holding a match load, preparing to load it, when they accidentally drop it into the field. It rolls away from the starting tile. What should happen to the scoring object?

What if its a ‘special’ (doubler or negator). What if the special is dropped before 30 seconds remaining? What if its dropped after 30 seconds remaining?

Thanks in advance.

Al aka Mr. G

Let’s take a look at the specifc rule in the VEX Gateway Game Manual that deals with Match Loads.

Thus if the Match Load is dropped accidentally in an illegal manner, the offending team should be warned or disqualified. If dropped legally (i.e. it lands on the Alliance Starting tile), no penalty would be issued. Regardless, the Match Load should be left in play.

No special rulings for the Doublers or Negations. The above answer applies.