Answered: Funneling

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to funnel cones to a specific area on your robot. I wanted to make a funnel to move cones to a pick up location on my robot. I wanted it to be big enough to funnel a come from a wide range and possibly more than one at once. I have noted that possession of more than one cone was illigal, however I did notice that the intention of the rule was to prevent hoarding. So i was wondering if this specific type of cone “possession” was illigal.

You are correct that, per SG9, Robots may only Possess one Cone at a time. So, let’s take a look at the definition of what constitutes Possession:

This year’s Referee Training video also demonstrates some examples of legal and illegal Possession:

It is always difficult to issue blanket rulings off of a hypothetical robot design. However, it sounds like you are asking about using a “funnel” (which is, by definition, a concave shape) to control the movement of multiple Cones at once. This is explicitly called out in the definition of Possession, and would be considered a violation of SG9.