Answered: Further Clarification of <G12>

This is just to clarify the limits of <G12>.
Reference #2:

  1. (Talking about the action of scoring)If the opposing robot were to be both scoring on their mobile goal and caging my alliance’s mobile goal at the same time, would it be legal or illegal for me to tip them?
  2. (Talking about not scoring, but holding a mobile goal with stacked cones)If the opposing robot is not scoring, but it is holding their mobile goal with a stack of cones as well as caging my mobile goal, would it be legal for me to tip them regardless if their stack falls?
  1. (Part 1)When tipping the opposing robot, in a situation where tipping the opposing robot is legal, caused the tipped robot to be out of the expansion limit, who would be in violation of <SG14>?
    (Part 2)If it were match affecting, who would be at fault?

  2. Am I allowed to grasp/grapple onto the opposing robot in order to tip them if it is legal to tip them?

  3. (To all the questions you have answered)Does these conditions apply as well to a robot that is simply defending my alliance’s mobile goal from me?

We cannot rule absolutely on every hypothetical scenario involving an interaction between an offensive robot and one which is playing a defensive strategy. These questions are mostly answered by the revised <G12> verbiage released in the April 5th manual update:

If an interaction with an offensive robot results in a situation which would be considered a violation for the defender, such as extending beyond 36” (<SG14>), contacting an opponent’s 10 Point Zone (<SG10>), or removing an opponent’s Stacked Cones (<SG5>), the defending robot will be considered “at fault”.