Answered: Further clarification on definition of Stack regarding perspective

In the above (currently pending) Q&A, you stated the in the June 15th manual update, the manual would be reworded to extend the definition of Stacked to include tilted mobile bases (your example was that of a mobile base partially supported by a pole), but not tipped or upside down mobile bases.

While playing with game objects today, we encountered the following scenario.

Is this considered a tilted or tipped mobile base?

(Sorry for asking about rules that haven’t even been written yet, but I thought I should bring this scenario to your attention before the new rule came out.)

Thanks as always!

For the purposes of this question, “tilted” can be understood as “not upright, but not yet knocked over”. “Knocked over” can be interpreted as a Stack that is no longer supported only by a Scored Goal (per the definition of Scored) and its Stacked Cones.

The photo that you have have posted would count as Stacked and be worth two points for each Cone.