Answered: Further clarification on SG6/SG7

Hi Karthik,

I’m confused by your answer to this question; the question reads in part (emphasis added):

The text of SG7 specifically says

But in your answer you say

Which then exposes the Blue Robot to a potential violation of SG6.

You do say that it’s hard to issue a blanket ruling without seeing the entirety of the match, but the question does say the act is intentional; how does this not fit <SG7> directly?

Here’s the description:

“The Red robot intentionally places scoring objects on top of the Blue robot cage in the act of scoring these objects. The weight of these scored objects being supported by the cage, causes the cage to touch the foam tiles.”

I interpreted this as “team was intentionally trying to score by dropping objects”. Since the action happened in the act of Scoring, I did not consider it to be an intentional strategy to cause an opponent to violate a rule.

The rule does not just require the act to be intentional, rather it needs to be an intentional strategy. This is obviously a judgement call, that becomes easier by seeing the entire match. However, in general, we don’t expect teams to be penalized for dropping Stars.