Answered: Further Clarification on SG9 and stacked

Upon reading the post my interpretation is that stacked cones are only scored if they are at upright position, and those cones described in the question are stacked.if the cones are sideways and fully nested on a mobile goal that is also sideways, are the cones considered to be stacked? in the other word, would it be a violation of SG9? Can we tilt the mobile goal and put cones on it and tilt it back to upright position after?
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This is a correct interpretation.

No, they would not be Stacked; yes, it would be a violation of <SG9>. Per Note 3 of the definition of Stacked, “Cones are not considered Stacked unless the Goal upon which they are fully nested is upright.” The Cones in this photo would not be considered upright, which means they would not be considered Stacked, which in turn means they would be in violation of <SG9> if being controlled by a Robot.

No, because while the Mobile Goal is tipped over, it is not considered a legal stack.