Answered: Further clarification on skills starting tile

Can you please clarify which colored tiles are legal starting positions for a skills match? Is it only the two closest to the driver stations (one red and one blue), or can a robot start on any of the four colored tiles?

RSC1 states “At the beginning of each Skills Match, the Robot must be placed such that it is touching the Alliance Starting Tile…”

The Alliance Starting Tile is defined as “a colored tile (red or blue), that designates the location where Robots must start the match”.

Reading those, it seems like a robot can start on any of the four colored tiles for a Skills Match, is that correct?

However, an earlier thread could confuse the issue…

In that thread, you confirm with the original poster that the cube starts “in the center of the opposite tile from where the robot starts” which would imply that the cube should be placed in the opposite tile of the same color as the robot starts on, regardless of which tile the robot starts on. However, you also state in that thread that the mandatory starting location [of the cube] is described/depicted in the Skills Appendices. Going by only the picture, it could be interpreted that the cube must start exactly in the picture, in the colored tile furthest from the driver station.

Please clarify whether the robot can be started on any of the four colored tiles (and the cube starts on the other colored tile of the same color of the robot), or if the cube must start on the colored tile furthest from the driver station (as shown in the picture) and therefore, the robot must start in one of the two colored tiles (either red or blue) closest to the driver station?

Let’s take a look at the exact wording of the VEX Robotics Competition Starstruck Game Manual. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis:

Thus you must start on an Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile. (i.e. an Alliance Starting Tile that is adjacent to an Alliance Station) In Skills you are allowed to start on either the Red or Blue Alliance Station Starting Tile.