Answered: Further question on scoring esp during autonomous

I read this as meaning that if a robot is touching a sack from above or the side, but in no way supporting the sack, while that sack is in a trough or high goal, it should be counted as scored. Correct?

Is there any difference on this happening at the end of autonomous or at the end of driver control? (I’m especially interested in at end of autonomous; if the robot was theoretically moved and the sack would not have moved, should it score for the purposes of autonomous bonus?)


Yes, provided that clause 1a. is not violated. “For a Scoring Object to count under this clause, it must not be touching a Robot of the same color as the Goal”

Scores are calculated the same way at the end of Autonomous Mode as they are at the end of Driver Control Mode.

Thanks for responding to these often nit-picky questions.

That would seem to produce an inconsistency. Example; blue robot touching sack in Blue goal at end of autonomous. By reading rule 1a only, no score.

But add in

and it seems that the robot should be mentally “moved” to test the supported proviso and then the robot is not touching and the sack would have stayed; then the sack scores.

Which is it?


This is correct, it is not scored.

Robots are only moved if it is absolutely necessary to determine whether a Sack is supported by a robot. In the case where a blue robot is touching a Sack in blue goal, it is obvious that the Sack should not count, thus there is no need to apply this test.

Thank you again for putting up with nit picky questioners.


You’re welcome!