Answered: Future Pieces and Sliders

A while back, I heard a rumor about JVN talking about future sliders. Is there any additional information on these? If so, is there a predicted release date, dimension, and material specification (aluminum or steel)?

Also, is it possible to add new pieces to the aluminum kit? There are a large variety of pieces in the aluminum kit, but there are no 1x1 (hole) L-bars. The current L-bars have 2 holes on each side of the bend, and teams have to bandsaw the whole piece just to get a 1x1 L-bar. Of all the pieces our team has used, the 1x1 L is one of the most useful parts for reinforcing structures in narrow spots, but we have to waste tons of (1x2 and 1x5) C-channels, rails, and L-bars just to get this piece. Any chance that new pieces can be added to the kit or sold as separate accessories?

I discussed this during the “New Product Unveiling” presentation at the VEX World Championships. This was described as a “coming soon” product. We don’t have any details fit-to-print at this time, but we’re working on it…

Thanks for taking the time to submit this feedback.
This is one request I hear every now and then. It seems simple… but we need to be smart about it.

Think of it this way…
Ideally… every single VEX piece would be sold separately (I know some of our users wish we would do just that).

However, this means we would need to stock ALL of these packs in our warehouse at any given time, or we would need to go back on our “ships same day” promise (something we’re not willing to do). This isn’t practical from a business perspective, especially if some of these items aren’t big sellers.

So what do we do? Like with everything in life, we make tradeoffs. We try to make bundle kits which include a lot of items in one product. We take the most popular and high demand items and release those as stand-alone products.

We will continue to listen to customer feedback as we decide what items become available for stand-alone purchase. Based on the requests I’ve received I will discuss releasing stand-alone aluminum pieces for sale at our next product review meeting.