Answered: Future Rule Consideration

I have something I (and quite a few other teams from IN) believe should be added to the game manual.

Score Sheet Sign Offs.

I believe that refs need to let both alliances review and sign off on the score sheets. We have had multiple situations this year where the score was not counted correctly (many of those errors caused teams to lose (specifically 323X)). This needs to be something that is introduced next year. It would limit the amount of errors the refs have, and furthermore, teams would not be able to come back and challenge the score because they have already signed off on it.

It can be argued that it could take to much time for teams to sign off on the sheets but I would beg to differ. Having the teams check, then sign off the score should take an extra 30-45sec. That’s not that long compared to if a team wants to challenge a score. That can take minutes.

I (and others) believe this rule needs to be implemented for next years game, and if we can sign off on the sheets at Worlds, that would be very nice.

Thank you Karthik and maybe I’ll meet you at Worlds?

Considering some tournaments, including the VEX World Championship run a match just 1:00 minute after the end of the previous match, dealing with this sort of delay is impossible. However, like all suggestions, we will consider it for future years.

You’re welcome. I will be there.