Answered: <G1>, Definition of Scored and <SG6>: Removing a cube of the same color

First of all, I think this question might warrant the inclusion of <G1>:

Cubes of the same color have generally been considered off limits when it comes to descoring, as <SG6> clearly intends and you previously confirmed in this thread.

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The any suggests an intent to ban the removal of cubes of the same color, but the definition of Scored on a Post does not cover cubes in contact with a robot of the same color:

Unless I made some mistake, it appears that under a strict interpretation of the rule if a team remained in contact with the cube throughout the process of descoring their own cube, the cube would not be protected by <SG6>. The three interpretations I can think of are:

  1. This is an application of <G1> as <SG6> was clearly intended to prevent this action
  2. The original negation of the cube with the intent to descore is considered part of the removal process, so while the action would technically be legal once initiated by touching the cube, the cube is scored at the start of the process and therefore illegal to remove. If this is the case, is it legal to remove the cube if the team did not initially intend to descore (e.g. a robot’s intake becomes caught on a cube in the process of scoring)? (this may be partly combined with 1)
  3. Descoring a cube of the same color is not prevented by <SG6> so long as no other cubes are descored.

I realize this would only be likely to apply under unusually strategies, but I thought I might as well ask as it could effect starvation strategies.

After reading your post multiple times, I cannot determine your actual question. If you could follow up with a clear statement of your question, we’d be happy to answer it for you.

The overarching question is does contact with a robot of the same robot makes a cube fully on a post legal to remove?

Here are a few scenarios involving a red robot touching a red cube:
A) The red robot scores the cube, but has trouble releasing it and removes the cube to free itself (without ever breaking contact with the cube).
B) A red robot fully scores a cube, then removes it maintaining contact (and negating the cube) through the removal, in order to score the cube on the skyrise.
C) A red robot scores a cube on a tether to anchor to a post (as allowed by this Q&A) and a blue robot removes it (since it maintains contact with the red tether).

Sorry for any confusion, I hope this is more clear!

Once a Cube becomes Scored it cannot be removed as per <SG6>. Thus once you let go of the Cube and leave it a non descorable position on the Post, it cannot be removed.

So situations A and C would be legal so long as no other rules are violated, but B would not be?

You are correct.

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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