Answered: G1 Question

Please note the following situation is hypothetical and has not, to my knowledge, arisen in a real situation.

By rule G1, “All Teams are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner while competing in VEX Robotics Competition events. If a Team or any of its members (Students or any adults associated with the Team) are disrespectful or uncivil to event staff, volunteers, or fellow competitors, they may be Disqualified from a current or upcoming Match, or even the entirety of the event depending on the severity of the situation. It is important to remember that we are all judged based on how we deal with adversity. It is important that we all exhibit maturity and class when dealing with any difficult situations that may present themselves in both the VEX Robotics Competition and our lives in general.”

Suppose teams A and B are allied in the last qualification match of the day against teams C and D. Teams C and D are both good, as is team A, but team B cannot stack cones. If team A and B win the match, team A will be the top ranked team. Teams A and B agree they cannot win the qualification match by normal means, so they employ a different tactic. Team A promises to pick team B as the third alliance if team B intentionally descores all of team C and D’s cones, which would result in team B getting DQed under SG5. However, under the definition of a disqualification and because team A did not commit any violations, they can still win the match if they outscore teams C and D. Suppose team A scores more points than teams C and D, and team B is disqualified from the match for descoring cones. Would this underhanded strategy employed by team A result in a G1 infraction on teams A and B, or simply a DQ in the match for team B? If teams A and B are in violation of G1, should they be disqualified from the match or the entire event?

Thank you!

This would be considered an egregious violation of <G1>. The head referee and Event Partner would have the latitude to Disqualify both teams A and B from the Match or from the event at their discretion.