Answered: <G10> Clarification

Hello again, sorry, I have one more question. Rule <g10> reads “Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match after all objects and robots on the field come to rest.” So suppose that the blue alliance attempts an elevation. The elevation is successful; one robot on the blue alliance is above the field perimeter and both robots have come to rest. Then, the match ends. At this point, all robots and objects on the field have come to rest and driver control has ended. Next, after 5 seconds, the blue robot experiences a mechanical failure of some kind and drops the other blue robot that had previously been elevated. Does the blue alliance receive credit for an elevation since one blue robot was elevated at the end of the match, or do they not receive credit for an elevation because the elevation ended before the referees had a chance to score the match? Thank you!

Yes, this would be a legal Elevation since the Blue Robot was legally elevated after all objects and Robots had come to rest.