Answered: <G12> and robot tipping

Sorry in advance this is a scenario question however it seems many teams would like to understand what direction the VRC World Championship referees will be calibrated towards when robot tipping occurs during defensive play.

-Red robot approaching fence in the act of scoring.
-Blue robot approaching fence with parts protruding into the red side and carrying no game objects.
-Blue robot pushes against Red robot/objects in an effort to disrupt scoring.
-Red robot starts leaning back and Blue robot continues to advance causing stationary Red robot to tip over.

In this scenario the defensive Blue robot had the opportunity to avoid tipping the offensive Red robot by not advancing further. It was clear what the outcome would be if the Blue robot continued to advance.

Often referees will only disqualify a team/alliance in match affecting situations. I think most would agree it is difficult to predict the outcome of a Starstruck match given the back and forth action. Once a robot is fatally tipped over there is reasonable certainty that alliance will lose the match so it follows that purely defensive tipping is match affecting where 4 well-built functional robots are in play.

Q: In this scenario does the GDC consider the Blue robot violated rule <G12> and what action should be taken after the match ends?

Q: At the VRC World Championship event will referees / head referees be calibrated towards enforcing rules such as <G12> where strategic defensive play results in match affecting outcomes?

Q: At the VRC World Championship event will rules be enforced with the same rigidity during all qualification and elimination matches? (i.e. warnings escalating to DQ as matches progress or immediate DQ)


It’s impossible to issue a blanket ruling here. That being said, here are a couple of things to remember:

  • VRC Starstruck is an interactive game and we expect their to be pushing and shoving above the fence. During this sort of interaction, we do expect that some robots will end up being tipped over.
  • We expect teams to back off if their opponent starts tipping during interaction. Continuing to push a robot that has begun to tip usually ends up with the referees calling an infraction

Referees will enforce <G12> as written.

All rules will be enforced as written. DQs will be issued for match affecting violations or for repeated offenses after being warned.