Answered: G12 & Pushing opponents

G12 states

My question is what is the definition of “damaging.”

Recently at a tournament our robot was a 8 motor drive push robot whose job is to push cubes of its own colour on its own tile,and push the opponents cubes away from them, and interact with near by robots to slow down their scoring on posts. We do not not entangle robots, nor do we tip robots. In the finals match an opponent was trying to push us and tripped their PTC. We were warned that we were violating G12 and that the next time we’d interact with the opponent we would we disqualified.

My second question is was this rule interpreted correctly? Was this damaging?

A standard dictionary definition applies here. If you employ strategies to intentionally damage opposing robots, you are in violation of <G12>

It’s impossible for us to issue a blanket ruling on a snapshot of a situation, like the one you’ve described. But from the information presented this absolutely does not seem like a violation of <G12>. Pushing battles are normal and expected in VRC matches. Actions like this are rarely, if ever, in violation of <G12>.

Awesome, Thanks