Answered: <G3> conflict

At a recent event an official raised a question regarding <G3>
Other Q&A threads on <G3> have not touched on this specific scenario which will most certainly occur at all levels of competition hence I am seeking an official ruling.

The scenario:
Team #1 includes a drive team member that is their mentor/coach.
Team #2 drive team is mentored/coached by this same person but <G3> prevents them from being part of the drive team. This team is coach-less (as many will be this season…)

Through the randomness of qualification match generation Team #1 and Team #2 are in the same match and same alliance color. Team #1 brings their mentor/coach along but now that’s a conflict for Team #2.

To me obviously sanity should prevail here however I was told by an event official in NZ this would be a violation of <G3> and Team #2 would need to bring someone along as their coach to resolve this conflict however I don’t see how that makes any difference whatsoever since they’re all standing in the same area!

Taking this a step further. Team #1 and Team #2 end up in as alliance partners during eliminations. In this thread you said

From my perspective any potential conflicts of interest would no longer be relevant since nothing could be gained post qualification matches.

Q: How should <G3> be applied in this conflict scenario?

Q: Are both Team #1 and Team #2 potentially left coach-less during the match? If so isn’t that disadvantaging Team #1?

Q: Is there any distinction to how <G3> might be applied to qualification and elimination matches with specific reference to an adult coach/mentor?

Q: <G3> refers to teams, not matches. Perhaps some clarity in the text might be useful?

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

There is no conflict here. Team #1 mentor is a member of the Team #1 drive team. For the purposes of <G3>, this person is not considered a member of Team #2’s drive team.

I agree, sanity should definitely prevail! The event official that you spoke to has misinterpreted the rules. There is no conflict in the situation you’ve described.

Thanks for the fast answers and I’m glad to see sanity still reins :cool:

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You’re welcome!

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