Answered: <G3> drive team members at the worlds


Your recent answer to jpk-7682 regarding <G3> implies that non drive team members will be allowed into the carpeted competition area with their teams at the World Championships.

Please could you clarify what will happen at this significant event and how long these non drive team members can stay in the area. (enter and exit)


I believe you were referring to this question:

The response did not imply that non Drive Team Members would be given any type of access at the World Championship. The response simply meant that <G3> only applied to the Alliance Station. There are no rules or limitations on being a member of multiple teams outside of the Alliance Stations.

At World Championship, entrance to the field area will only be granted to Drive Team Members. This is to minimize crowding issues down by the fields.

Thank you Karthik,

That clears things up completely.

You’re welcome!