Answered: <G3> Drive team members - location specific?

These question is probably more relevant to coach/mentor Drive Team Members but is also applicable to students.

Q: In what specific locations at an event does rule <G3> apply?

Wearing my hat of sanity I would think this is only at a game field standing in the alliance station just prior to a match/skills being started meaning a coach/mentor can be with multiple teams right up until this point.

Q: Prior to match start may a coach/mentor who is by rule <G3> technically a member of another Drive Team be in the alliance station and then depart accordingly? The intention here is to help out coach/mentors who run multiple teams (and there are many of us).

Q: What actions/penalities can be applied for accidentally violating this rule in the specific instance where an adult coach/mentor shows up or stays with a team during a match by mistake? (I’m ignoring the student driving for mulitple teams situation since this has obvious implications and could actually be match affecting). If there are penalities or potential disqualification which team takes the hit?

Thanks for your time.

Yes, this only applies in the Alliance Station during a Match.

A Match should not be started until the situation is rectified. If the team is unwilling to rectify the situation, they will not be allowed to participate in the Match. If it is later discovered that a team was in violation of this rule in a previous Match but the referees did not notice, they will be issued a warning and prevented from violating the rule again.

Thanks for clearing that up!

You’re welcome!