Answered: <G3>Number of Drive Team members

<G3> (First sentence) Each team shall include up to three Drive Team Members.
What is the minimum number of members that can be on a Drive Team? At the last event our club participated; we were told that we had to have 3 people per robot in the Alliance station or we would be disqualified. We did not have enough students to meet this. This was resolved by asking volunteers from other schools to stand in our Alliance Station during our matches for this event. Our club encourages every student to design, build, program, and drive their own robot. Rule <G3> (Last sentence) prohibits our past practice of using drivers who are from another robot to be the loader, spotter or coach when they were not driving.

As stated in <G3>, each Drive Team shall include up to three (3) Drive Team Members for a given match. There is no minimum requirement, thus you are only required to have one (1) person acting as a Drive Team Member for a match.