Answered: <G3>

Hi Karthik,

Just to put the record straight and to make sure I understand the situation regarding <G3>.

At the event in question (a friendly scrimmage) it was I that pulled Jason’s leg and teased him about coaching both of his teams when they allianced during the eliminations saying he had to be careful about coaching two teams at the same time and asked him to get an official comment from you. I was not fussed but it raised an interesting issue.

I admit I am still a little confused so could you comment on the legality according to <G3> of one coach coaching two teams when they are not and are allianced and playing under the following conditions.

1/ Team A by themselves with three other teams
2/ Team B by themselves with three other teams
3/ Team A in an alliance against team B in another alliance
4/ Team A & B in an alliance against another alliance

If the coach appears on the field with Team A is that same coach prevented from appearing on the field with Team B during an event. I understand that when they are allianced they need to communicate.

Please be patient as it would just be nice to know to avoid mistakes. We just want to have fun.


Let me quote <G3> here just so all readers can be clear on the rule.

Once someone acts as a Drive Team Member for Team A, the cannot be a Drive Team Member for Team B, Team C, Team XYZ, or any other team at the event. They can of course continue to be a Drive Team Member for all of Team A’s matches, regardless of who they play with or against.

If there’s still confusion, consider this scenario. When Team A checks in at event, the team is given three “Team A Drive Team Member Badges”. These badges are mandatory to gain access to the Alliance Station. Once someone wears one of these badges during a match, they may not wear a badge from another team during that same event.

Simply put. You can only be a Drive Team Member for one team at a given event.

Thank you Karthik clear as a bell now.Have a great weekend!

You’re welcome! I certainly will!