Answered: <G5> Leaving Elimination Queue For Batteries

Hello Karthik,
At a tournament in our region I was volunteering at, in addition to a tournament we were competing at, a policy of making all teams stay near the competition fields during elimination rounds was enforced. This got to the point of team members not being allowed to leave for charged batteries, even with a 10 minute break between matches. It became so extreme that the top seeded alliance stopped playing after they knew they had won, 30 seconds early (to save power). I believe the rule being cited would be

However, that would not be my interpretation at all, since teams not actually in matches and not in the alliance were barred from getting batteries during downtime. If teams wanted to run with full batteries, they would need as many as nine fully-charged batteries to compete in eliminations (and 18 if they use a power expander, and even more if they are more than one team at their school, etc.). Even as an established team, we don’t have those kinds of resources, and I doubt less funded teams would.

Thank you!

Edit: My bad, it was <G5>. Please feel free to fix the title.

The event is free to set general rules about queuing as they wish. Although I personally would not run an event like this, I also don’t know what mitigating factors this event might have had to cause them to enforce such strict guidelines. I advise you to reach out to the event with your concerns and see if they would consider changing these guidelines in the future.