Answered: <G6> <R4> What happens if a referee can't start a robot in size?

Firstly, thanks for answering all my questions in the last batch. Your answers cleared up the questions I had.

Many robots are very difficult to set up such that they are within the size limit, especially in a limited amount of time. For example robots often have multiple parts that need to fold in in a very particular way, and hair-trigger release mechanisms that can easily be sprung inadvertently while setting up the robot. Understandably, the teams with robots like these are often the last teams to finish setting up before a match starts.

If a team violates <G6> by not placing their robots promptly (i.e. they are late to the match or slow setting up), and a referee needs to randomly reposition the robot, and the referee cannot get the robot to start in the size limit within a reasonable amount of time, should the robot be considered legal or illegal under <R4>?

(assuming of course that the robot has passed inspection, and does actually have a legal starting configuration)

Thanks Karthik.

A Robot that cannot be brought into a legal starting position in a prompt fashion should not be allowed to play in the Match. Thus in the situation you have described, if the referee deems it necessary, they can disallow the Robot from competing in the Match.