Answered: <G9> and balls leaving the field while still touching robot

Hi karthik,

G9 states:

(accidentally is spelled wrong in the game manual)

Would a robot be penalized for holding a ball that would temporarily exit the field and come back in? For example, would it be illegal to have a ramp that hold balls that are completely outside of the field? The intent of this would not be to cause the balls to exit the field forever, as G9 is probably written for.


What version of the manual are you looking at? The version I’m looking at does not use the spelling “accidentaly”.

What you’ve described is legal. It is not a violation for balls to be in possession of a Robot, while temporarily outside the field perimeter. That being said, teams should be very careful when designing robots that intentionally expand beyond the field perimeter; there could be a safety risk here to drivers and field personnel. EDIT: Whoops, spell checker went off on “accidently”(rather than “accidentally”). I guess you can spell it both ways :slight_smile:

Let me clarify this a little more, is it legal if an offensive robot possesses balls that leave the field perimeter momentarily in the act of scoring? The robot would not expand but a part of the robot holding a ball would stick out of the field temporarily.

Yes, this is legal.

Thank you!

You’re welcome!