Answered: Game Object Kit

Did vex receive their game objects yet? I am just checking because it is the middle of June. My team is still waiting for vex to ship our order of 2 kits.

Game object kits should be shipping within the next two weeks.

So vex didn’t receive them yet?

Unfortunately, we are still waiting on a few items that should be here this week. Shipping should begin by the end of the month.

Thank you so much.
One last thing, my advisor last week received both of our game object kits on tuesday.
How was this possible?
When you say waiting for a few items, what do you mean?
(Line Sensors, Gateway field set, other out of stock items)

We will be receiving some parts for the Gateway Field Kit this week. I did not notice you were inquiring only about the Game Object Kit. Again, everything should be in stock and shipping by the end of the month.