Answered: Gateway Fence

Hey i was looking over the new field and rules for 2011-2012 and i do not see anything about the black gate between isolation zones, i was wondering if said gate can be (and is allowed to be) lifted. Also i was wondering you can climb over this gate.

The black gate is known as the Fence. It is permanently fixed to the field and cannot be lifted. In terms of climbing over the Fence. Take a look at the following applicable definitions from the VEX Gateway Game Manual.

Thus, teams may never enter or exit an Interaction Zone by any means while the Gate for that particular zone is down. So, climbing over the Fence would only be legal, if both Gates were up.

thank you for the reply
one other thing i heard that we ARE allowed to reach over the red and blue alliance gates to put balls and such over does that go for the fence as well?? are we allowed to reach over for any reason??