Answered: Gateway Questions

Hi I had a few questions regarding this years game Gateway. My first question was are you allowed to use the doubler barrel(s) in the skill challenges. Second does the Bonus Point (A Bonus Point is earned for the lowest Ball or Barrel (closest to the foam field tile) within a Circular Goal.) only count for circular goals but floor goals too.

Finally if a scoring object is hit while there is time left on the clock and begins to roll, and comes to rest (on a floor goal) when there no time left, on the clock, does that point count. we call it a “basketball shot”
*we call it a “basketball shot”


Let’s take a look at Appendix B and Appendix C which deal with the Robot and Programming Skills Challenges respectively.

So, yes, you are allowed to use the Doubler Barrels in the Skills Challenges.

Let’s take a look at the definition of Bonus Point in the VEX Gateway Game Manual. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

As you can see the Bonus Point only applies to the Circular Goals, thus there are no Bonus Points in the Floor Goals.

Rule <G9> covers the situation you describe.

Thus, the “basketball shot” as you describe it would count.

Thanks for the reply

You’re welcome!