Answered: Goal Zone clarification

Hi Karthik, I had a question about the goal zone and where it officially starts.

With the white tape placed right by the barrier into the goal zone, at events I’ve been at their have been different interpretations of where the goal zone starts.

One interpretation is anything that crosses the plane of the white tape line, as in it would still be touching the gray tile before that white tape line, just extended over the tape line. hWe’ve used this interpretation at a few events this year.

Another interpretation is that an object touching the grey tile beyond the tape line counts as an object scored in the goal zone.

From an event this weekend, we were discussing this and realized that it is an ambiguous definition. So what constitutes an object being scored in the goal zone?



The tape line is considered to be both in the Goal Zone and the Middle Zone. The Goal Zone consists of the tiles (or tile portions) from Walls to the tape, while the Middle Zone consists of the tiles (or tile portions) from the tape to the Bump. Since there’s obviously overlap here, we worded the definition of Scored very carefully to deal with this situation.

These clauses for Objects being in two Zones, should eliminate any confusion caused by the ambiguity of the tape lines.