Answered: Grease Usage regarding Pneumatic and Electrical Components

In This Q&A about grease usage in <R7> subsection E, it was stated that:

My question is: Will I be in violation of <R15> subsection A if I legally apply grease to any electrical or pneumatic components?
I ask because it states:

(I’ve bolded some text for emphasis)
Is the application of grease considered altering motors, sensors, pnuematics or any other electrical component?

I know the application of grease is legal for motors, but I would appreciate clarification on whether or not that ruling can be applied to all electrical and pneumatic components.

Thank you for your time.

This is legal, provided that the grease is being used as a lubricant and satisfies the constraints of <R7e>. Electrically or thermally conductive paste is not considered “grease”.