Answered: Gyro information

I bought a Gyro at the Worlds Vex Store and am wondering where to find information on how to use it. There was no included ‘inventors guide’ nor can I find any information on the web pages here. to start with which way should the cable be connected? does the B stamped in the PC board indicate the side the black wire should connect to? then the Easy C 4 code has options for 4 different Gyroscopes:


Do any of these correspond tot he VEX gyroscope? so I know how to set up the device driver?

I would like to try this out but would like to confirm how to connect it to the Cortex first. Thanks - Kb

The documentation package for the 276-2333 is being created.

Yes, the black wire connects near the B.

As you surmised from the Gyro Sensor easyC help file, you need to select a “Set Type”. The 276-2333 uses the LY3100ALH, so use a Type of 16. The output rotation will be in tenths of a degree as per the easyC help file. If you are measuring a slow moving rotation, changing the Deadband under “Set Deadband” to 1 may give better results.

Thanks very much!