Answered: Half-In cubes

Thanks for this very helpful post: However, there is one kind of scoring that was only vaguely covered in this guide, which came up at our competition today.

If, with no other cubes in the goal, there are two cubes on the “opening” of the goal, both about 2/3rds within the vertical “window” of the goal, both preventing each other from falling to the bottom, do they count? As I read the rules, they should, but the opposite was enforced at our scrimmage today. Am I right, or were these cubes called correctly?

Also, if the competition was incorrect, what would be the best way to inform them of an official ruling otherwise, as they will later be holding an official event. Simply referencing the rule clarifications on this forum?

I think we did cover that example…
Take a look at Example 4, it sounds like you have 2 cubes just like the ones mentioned…

The definition of “scored” states that if any part of a cube is within the triangular space defined by the outer edges of a high goal, and not touching a robot of it’s same color it is defined as scored.

Based on your description, it sounds like both of the cubes match this definition and should be counted as scored. The definition of “scored” does NOT make any reference to cubes touching each other.

Yes, printing and showing your event organizers rules from the VRC Elevation manual, or posts off this official Q&A Forum should be a good way to bring a correct ruling to their attention.

They stated otherwise when I tried to make our case, so i guess that may have been the root of the confusion

Thanks, I’ll send this to the event organizers.