Answered: Handling in autonomous

Today at a competition we had an autonomous where our arm would raise (with two preloads in it) and then i would turn the robot so it would be facing the 30" goal the robot would exhaust the preloads and then i would turn the robot and the arm would lower. i left my hand on the base of the robot (nowhere near the game objects)when it was exhausting and the refs almost DQ’d me for “aiding in the scoring of game elements” so is it legal to be touching your robot when its scoring even if your not aiding the scoring of the objects in any way shape or form? if you want more details i can provide them.

thanks for your time,

Yes, it is legal to to touch your robot during the Autonomous Period, as long as you are not aiding in the Scoring of Scoring Objects in anyway.

That being said, if the referee interpreted in anyway that you were aiding in the Scoring process, you could be penalized. This is why teams should avoid intentionally handling their robot while it is scoring.

Finally, please note that this forum is a place for teams to get clarifications about any questions they may have relating to Game Rules. It is not an avenue to complain about the rulings that have occurred at events.

thanks for the clarifications and i’m sorry if it came off as complaining i just wanted to give as much detail as possible of the given situation. I have no complaints about that competition the refs were quick to address the issue and gave me the ruling. they told me if i could get a excerpt from the official q and a i could continue to compete in that way.

You’re welcome.