Answered: Handling robot to pick up game pieces

I realize that we can re-position the robot during autonomous and during the robot programming skills challenge.

Since we can position in such a way as to pick up the game pieces from the floor can we be holding the robot WHILE the robot is picking up the game pieces? Can we move the robot WHILE the robot is picking up the game pieces? NOTE: We have a conveyor belt to pick up game pieces from the floor, can we move the robot to the game pieces and have the robot pick up the game pieces from the tile?

Hope you understand the question - you always do. Thanks in advance for your response.

NOTE: If question was already answered I did not know the term to search for in order to locate the answer - I did look though!

I realize that you cannot manipulate the robot to SCORE an object (e.g. ramps). This question relates to picking up objects from the floor. Can you manipulate and hold onto the robot while it is picking up pieces (might as well as this part too - can one team member be feeding scoring objects while another is moving the robot’s position on the floor.

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Do you have answer for this - in programming skills can we hold robot while conveyor picks up a scoring object???

Obviously we will be picking up the white doubler!

We would like to have answer before Saturday event.

Thanks for your time.

Let’s take a closer look at <SG5>:

This rule was put in place to allow teams to reposition their robot during the Autonomous Period. What you’ve described seems like you would be controlling the Robot via human contact, which is precisely what we do not want to see happen. It is legal to reposition the Robot to allow it to pick up a Scoring Object. However, if you are pushing the Robot into the Scoring Object, thereby aiding in the picking up of said object, this would be illegal.

The final determination on a situation like this will be made by the referees at the event who can evaluate the entirety of the action.

Thanks for the answer - that makes sense. We can move and point in the direction but the pickup should be done by the robot. We can verify with the referees before the matches for consistent enforcement.

Thanks - Dave G.

You’re welcome.