Answered: Hanging definition clarification - supporting

In the definitions for Hanging with a ball:

and High Hanging:

there is a discrepancy where High (and Low) hanging do not specify that the hanging robot is not touching a non-hanging robot of the same alliance. Is it intended that hanging bots cannot be supported by non-hanging bots?

In addition, since there is no contrary statement, am I correct in thinking that a robot can be “supported” by a scoring object like a large ball or buckyball? Can that object be held by the alliance partner to push the hanging robot up, if this is the case (and because there is no mention of *supporting * as per the definition)?

There is no restriction on High Hanging or Low Hanging Robots contacting other Robots.

Robots that are Hanging With A Ball, may not have the Large Ball contact a non Hanging Robot of the same Alliance.

Yes, you are correct.