Answered: Hanging in Autonomous

Sorry if this has been answered previously, the search function didn’t appear to find anything relevant.

So as to avoid making assumptions as we work on our robot, could you please clarify the following:
If a robot hangs in the autonomous period, do these points count toward the autonomous bonus?
If this robot ‘unhangs’ (essentially ‘descoring’ a hang) and plays the game when Driver Control starts, does this affect the points from the autonomous period?

Thanks for your time!

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This question has been answered twice, in detail, in the following threads:

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In summary, yes Hanging during the Autonomous Period counts towards the Autonomous Bonus. A robot which “unhangs” after the Autonomous Period has been scored does not affect the result of the Autonomous Bonus.

Thanks Karthik, was that second part I was unconvinced on.
Thanks for your time and clarification :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

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