Answered: Hanging last 30 seconds and DQ?

If a red alliance robot was in the hanging area of a blue alliance robot in the last 30 seconds without touching the blue hanging bar or structure, then what would the consequence be if a blue robot attempts to hang while the red robot is there? Both robots are not touching the hanging bar or structure, however the blue robot is trying to hang, but it has not enough power to push the red robot out of the way. Lastly, what is the consequence if the blue alliance could of won the match if they hanged, but the red alliance was blocking like in this scenario.

My next question deals with hanging in general. During the qualification matches, if the blue alliance could of won a match by a low hang with a large ball, but a red robot prevents a blue robot from hanging by touching the blue hanging structure, then how would this situation be treated? I know that this would be considered a DQ for the whole alliance in eliminations.
Would both red robots receive a DQ in qualifications?
Would a low hang with a large ball be awarded to the blue alliance, since the red alliance prevented a blue robot from completing a hang?
If only a DQ will be given to the offending red robot, then is that really fair that the blue alliance got a loss due to an illegal play by the opposing alliance?

Lastly, if the entire red alliance received a DQ during qualification matches, then how will this be treated?
Will the blue alliance receive an automatic win, even if the red alliance outscores the blue alliance? (Blue alliance: 50 Red Alliance 65 (Without Red Alliance DQ) Also, how would SP points be figured out in this situation.?

Thank you, for taking the time to answer my questions. We will be hosting an event in 5 weeks.

Let’s take a look at the applicable rule from the VEX Toss Up Game Manual.

Thus, if there is no contact with a Robot touching the Hanging Bar/Structure, and there is no direct contact with the Hanging Bar/Structyre, there is no violation of <SG7>.

<SG7>, quoted above, states that any violations of this rule result in a Disqualification. During the qualifying matches, this means the offending team will be Disqualified. During the elimination rounds, this means the entire Alliance will be Disqualified. There are no additional penalties for violating this rule. I’ve quoted the definition of a Disqualification below.

This is addressed in the Tournament section of the VEX Toss Up Game Manual. Both teams on the non-offending alliance receive 2 WP and their own score as their SP for the match.

My new question is similar to the first situation discussed in my first post. The red robot is not touching the blue alliance’s hanging structure or bar in the last 30 seconds. The blue robot which is unable to push the red robot out of the way so it can hang, has an attachment that extends out so it touches the hanging structure. While the attachment is in contact with the hanging structure, the blue robot drives into the red robot in the hanging area, so they are contacting each other. Will the red robot be penalized because it is in contact with the blue robot?

My next question regards DQ’s. If the blue alliance scored 50 points and the red scored 60 points, however one of the red robot’s gets a DQ, then only the red robot that did not get a DQ gets win points, and the red robot that got DQ’ed and the blue alliance get 0 win points? Am I interpreting this correctly?

Once again, thank you so much for the help! :slight_smile:

We urge you to please read the rules carefully before posting any questions in this forum. As stated in the previous post, and clearly stated in the rules, a Robot may not contact an opposing Robot while it is contact with its own Hanging Bar/Structure. Thus, the red robot would be penalized in this situation.

Once again, we ask that you please carefully read the rules before posting in this forum. You interpretation is correct.
The Blue Robots receive 0 WP because they lost the match.
The Red Robot that was not disqualified receives 2 WP because they won the match.
The Red Robot that was disqualified receivers 0 WP because they were disqualified.