Answered: Hanging with a Supported Big Ball

This has two questions, but they have to do with the same situation, so I put them in one thread.

At a competition earlier this month, a team was trying to hang at the end of the first finals match. They were high hanging but partially being supported by a big ball that was pinned against the corner of the wall and a buckyball ball by the robot. The big ball was not touching the floor tiles.

Question 1:
Is this considered High Hanging with a Ball? (not sure how to quote the rulebook but the definition of hanging with a ball seems to point toward it being legal)

I believed so but the head referee walked over, removed the Big Ball, and made the judgement from there. Because the support of the Big Ball was gone, the robot swung down and became Low Hanging, and this was how it was scored.

Question 2: (If Question 1 was no)
Should the referee have removed the Bucky Ball first to determine if the Big Ball was being held up by the robot?

As long the Robot was touching the Hanging Bar of its own color, and completely above the height of the field perimeter, the Robot would be considered High Hanging. If the High Hanging Robot was touching a Large Ball of its color that was not touching a foam field tile or a non Hanging Robot of its color, it would be considered High Hanging with a Ball. Based on what you’ve described, the Robot was High Hanging with a Ball.

Ok thanks a lot. Our whole team was pretty confused after the call.

You’re welcome!

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