Answered: Hanging...

After attending a recent competition were two of my robots were hanging, I am wondering what the rules and regulations are on hanging.

first, what is the legality of “de-hanging” an opponent robot? If you can safely remove another team from hanging, and place them on the ground, is that just as legal as ‘descoring’ an opponent’s rings?

Also, to what extent can you push, pull and otherwise discourage another team from hanging? I know I saw something about getting halfway underneath a robot… Are there any other regulations on how much one team can keep another team from hanging?

Also, is it legal to “hang” off another robot? What about lifting your alliance partner?

Thanks in advance!

Removing a hanging team from the bar is legal, IF no other rules are broken in the process. Teams need to be very aware of the restrictions on entanglement in both <G11> and <SG5> in the VEX Round Up Game Manual.

Again, please pay careful attention to the above quoted rules. Intentionally grasping or grabbing an opposing robot is illegal.

There are no rules against pushing a hanging robot.
There are no rules against getting underneath a hanging robot.

Hanging off of an opposing robot would be illegal as per <G11>. Hanging off of or lifting a partner robot is legal.