Answered: Help, total Newb can't figure out Auto mode

I am totally lost how to create a simple program for auto mode for the Cortex porcessor using V4. We wrote a simple program to go forward continously. We inserted a line of code to print to the terminal to prove it’s running throught the loop. We download and compile and go to the competition switch, turn on the battery and then enable the competition switch. We click on driver disable and then enable auto. We can see the terminal print our test message. We already powered up the processor by switching the battery on. We’re still tethered with a USB cable. The motors are not running but we can stop and start auto mode and see the text start and stop.

Is there any step-by-step guide that will show me exactly how to set write a small program for auto mode. Enable the automode, let it run for the defined 20 seconds, and then resume operator control. On the old system, I understood exactly how to do this. Now, I can’t seem to figure it out. What am I missing?

Unfortunately we can not answer specific programming questions. In general, you will start at File/New Competition Project – this will create a Main Section and 3 Sub-Sections called Initialize, Autonomous, and Operator Control. You can also refer to easyC’s Help Section and Sample Files. Otherwise you will need to post in the easyC Section on the Forum or in the General Section so that the VEX Community can answer your questions.

Thank you. I’ll post it there.