Answered: High hang understanding

I was asked a question today at a tournament I visited. A robot did a hang but rested on the fence. I knew that did not count as a high hang.
Rule:High Hanging – A Robot is considered to be High Hanging if it is touching the Hanging Bar of its own
color and completely above the infinite plane parallel to the foam field tiles, formed by the top of the
field perimeter. A Robot that is touching the field perimeter is not considered to be High Hanging.
Note: A High Hanging Robot does not also count as a Low Hanging Robot. Only one (1) Alliance
Robot can earn points for Hanging (High or Low) during a Match.

So I got asked the question - where was the rule because they would not give us the high hang because they said it rested on the top of the perimeter, but gave me a low hang instead.

I have a tournament coming up in 2 weeks that I will host so I want to make sure my understanding of the rule and note are correct. My understanding is that in the “Note” that if you attempt to hang high but touch the top of the wall, you do not get any hang points since you cannot take a high hang as an either or… it is or is not. Karthik… Am I correct?

You would be credited with a Low Hang, as your Robot would be meeting the criteria in the definition of Low Hanging.

The Note was added to the rules to make it clear that a Robot cannot get credit for High Hanging and Low Hanging at the same time and to make it clear that only one Robot per alliance can earn Hanging points during a Match.