Answered: High School Students in VEX-U?

Why are High School Students not allowed to be on VEX-U teams? Why can’t they “play up” so to speak?

If that rule does preclude it, and if the High School Students are taking a college-level class (even at a local community college) would that qualify for those students to form a team and compete in VEX U?

The purpose of this forum is to provide clarification on the rules of VEX Starstruck and not to answer questions such as “why does that rule exist?”. That being said, I can provide some insight in this case. Please understand this only a subset of the rationale. The VEX Robotics Competition has an immense network of events to support high school teams. This is not true in VEX U, where there are so few events, that some teams need to travel across multiple states just to compete. As such it makes sense to restrict high school teams to competing in the high school division to ensure that University teams don’t get crowded out of events.

As stated above, this is just one of the factors behind this rule.

Yes, if a high school student is a registered student at a College, they would be eligible to compete in VEX U. The intent of this rule is to allow students who have started College early to still be able to participate in VEX U with their new peer group at their school.