Answered: HIghest stacks in skills

I ran the skills competition field at a tournament last weekend. I had some problems understanding how the highest stack is scored. In TM I can score highest stack for each zone. And I understand why the team would get highest stack if they are able to place a cone on a goal. However, my question, is that limit supposed to be 4 highest stacks possible. TM would have allowed me to score up to 10 highest stacks. Further explanation would be appreciated. We have our own tournament coming up soon and would like it clarified.


Please read and review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting, specifically point 2, “Read and search the Q&A forum before posting any questions.” This question has been asked and answered by this post:

To avoid any further confusion, this option will be hidden in an upcoming Tournament Manager update. That said, Tournament Manager is intended to be used as a tool only, not a rules reference. It is the responsibility of the referee who is recording the scores to be familiar with the scoring rules found in the official Game Manual and its appendices.