Answered: Hoarding of scoring elements

I looked around but did not see a thread related to this question.

If an alliance takes the strategy of pushing all balls into their climbing zone it keeps the other alliance from getting to them. Is this legal? You cannot go into the climbing zone of the opposite alliance to get them, so I take it that this would be illegal?
Bill R.

There are no rules preventing this strategy, however please remember that you may never possess more than 4 Balls at one time. Thus you’ll need to be very mindful of this when trying to execute this strategy.

Thank you Karthik. I guess now the question is… is having more than 4 scoring elements in you climbing zone possession? I watched the videos of the ref training and understand all that, but it is something I can see happening since you cannot enter the climbing zone of the opposite alliance.
Thanks again for all you do and the REC,


No, simply having Scoring Objects in the Climbing Zone does not meet the criteria for Possession.

Thanks Karthik!
Bill R.

You’re welcome!