Answered: How is this scored???

We had a match last Weekend in which the White barrel was placed between the two 20" goals in the isolation part of the field. The barrel was placed in such a way that it was “scored” as shown in Figure 5 from the Gateway manual. NOTE: This was a barrel and not a ball, however, it fit nicely between both goals and was partially within both of the goals. From appearance, it looked much like the red ball in figure 5.

It was partially above the top of the goal and partially within the goal. The problem was, the white tube was partially within BOTH goals.

Question, should this count as a doubler for both goals? How should it be scored?

Obviously this becomes a bigger issue if there are varying amounts of scoring objects between the two goals.

I could stage a picture if you need one, we did not take one at the competition and we wish we would have.

I have attached a drawing from the manual with an indication of where the object was located.

Thanks as always.
VEX Scoring Question.jpg

This specific situation is dealt with in the definition of Scored in the VEX Gateway Game Manual. Let’s take a look at clause 2 of the definition of Scored, which talks about Scoring Objects which are not fully below the top of the PVC pipes.

Thus, if a Scoring Object is within the outer ring of two Circular Goals, it counts for neither of them.

Thanks for answering stupid questions. Sometimes I read the rules and read them again and I still don’t understand. Then someone hits me right between the eyes and I can see the light (after the stars clear up).

I put too much emphasis on the picture of “scored” and did not clearly read all of clause #2 of scored.

Keep up the good work.

You’re welcome!