Answered: How Much can accidentally detach from a hanging bot?

If a bot satisfies the definition of hanging; and then a piece(s) of that bot unintentionally detaches and falls to the field tiles, while the remaining piece(s) of that bot continue(s) to satisfy the definition of hanging…

Which piece determines the team/alliance’s score. The piece that fell to the tiles (no longer hanging) or the piece that continues to hang?

What if the piece that falls is a single nut, screw, or shaft collar?

What if the piece that falls is the microcontroller?

What if the piece that falls is the main battery? or a pre-VEXNet receiver/crystal?

What if the piece that falls is just about everything in the original bot but its hook (hooked onto the ladder); and that hook still has the microcontroller and main battery connected to it?

What if the piece that falls is 51% of the robot’s weight or performs 51% of the robot’s functions? How about 49%?

More than one of these situations arose in a recent tournament.


Robots which intentionally detach any parts are subject to disqualification as per <G10> of the VEX Round Up Game Manual. A robot will not be considered hanging if it has unintentionally detached any of the following items: structural metal, electronic components (including the microcontroller, batteries, motors, PWM cables, etc.), wheels or tank treads. Unintentionally detaching other items such as fasteners or rubber bands will not affect the determination of hanging.