Answered: How much can I manipulate a hanging robot

How much can I manipulate a hanging robot in the final rounds.

Blue robot is hanging, 30 seconds on the clock. Hang device is a simple hook.

  1. I move under the robot, wrap my arm past and hook. Using my lift, the top of my robot pushes on the underside of blue, lifting and releasing it’s hook and it falls over.

  2. I move under the robot, but my superstructure catches the blue robot, I move forward and the blue hook becomes horizontal and falls off the rod.

  3. I move under / into the blue robot and get hung up on their wheely bars. Since they are entangled in me, must they lower to free me?

  4. Blue is hanging and in position, but another arm is on the ground. Red robot goes to hang and parks on the arm. Red starts the lift. Is it pinning? Remedy?

I love this game, I really missed the robot-robot interaction.

The described situation would be considered intentional entanglement, thus it would be disallowed by <G11>.

It would be up to the referee to determine if the entanglement in this case was intentional or unintentional. We cannot issue a blanket ruling on this scenario.

There is no requirement that robots make an effort to untangle themselves from each other. However, once two robots become entangled, they must not take any actions to intentionally damage their opponent. In this case, there is no obligation for the blue robot to lower themselves to free the red robot.

Is the arm on the ground a blue arm? If so, by Red lifting off the ground the arm would now be free and no longer be pinned.