Answered: How much deflection in the hang bar should we expect?

In this year’s game, how much deflection should we expect in the high hanging bar?

Have there been reports of any high hang bar breakage, cracks, permanent/plastic deformation, etc?

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The robot in question is camera shy right now, but we’re seeing a fair bit of deflection in the hanging bar (on a not especially heavy robot made almost entirely of Aluminum).

I just hope the bar can last the season.

Team’s should expect to see some minor deflection from the high hanging bar. These bars were sized to handle the loads which can be applied by multiple (heavy) VEX Robotics Competition robots. The VEX engineering department has done load testing far beyond what these bars should see during event he heaviest usage. In addition, we’ve received no complaints from users about any failures or damage. We have no reason to believe these bars won’t last through the 2013-2014 season, and far into the future. That said if users experience any problems they should contact our technical support department for assistance. 903.453.0802 or

Thanks so much!

You’re welcome!

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