Answered: How would this be scored?


This happened during one of our practices. We had built a Skyrise tower of 6 sections and 1 cube on the bottom. When the next cube was dropped, it hit the bottom cube and split open and landed as pictured. We had a lively discussion after this incident, and we were wondering how this would be scored.

A. 1/2 point for each piece on the colored tiles.
B. 4 points for what “should” have been scored on the sections.
C. No points at all.
D. Blue is Dq’d for damaging field elements.

Although I would not expect this to ever happen in competition, it did happen in practice, so we are looking forward to the official ruling on this.

Thanks for you answer.


C. Final Answer. :slight_smile:

The broken Cube would receive zero points as per <SG7> which is quoted below.

Thank you. Sorry, we should have read the manual much more closer! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

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