Answered: Hypothetical Situations

So here’s another question: pnuematic tanks are normally filled with air. I have searched the manual, and haven’t found anything that specifically limits the pnuematic systems particularly.

So my question is this: is it legal to swap air for another gas, such as nitrogen, argon, xenon, or something like that? Maybe even some Krypton? :smiley:

No, this is strictly prohibited. This would be a direct violation of <R3a> and <R3b> of the VEX Gateway Game Manual

If a gas, such as nitrogen is used, how does this harm the field or people? (air being 78% nitrogen…)

Even argon is found naturally in the atmosphere, so as long as it stayed within the healthy Parts Per Million (PPM) level, and didn’t pose a risk, would it be legal?

Thanks so much for the prompt reply!

All VEX pneumatics are rated for standard air. Thus, using a different type of gas brings in a whole new realm of variables which pose multiple potential safety concerns. Better safe than sorry in this case.

Furthermore, the VEX Robotics Competition tries to ensure a level playing field by allowing teams to use a common set of readily available parts. Use of an exotic gas that would be difficult to obtain for most teams violates this mantra.