Answered: I think there needs to be some clarification on pinning

A few days ago, my team and I, 918B, was playing at a competition. In the finals, the first match we won, but the team that qualified for worlds (and unfortunately we didn’t, even though we won Ha ha :)) was pinning us I believe (127C). I was hoping to get some clarification upon the rules of pinning and if this was considered pinning (we did count to 5 seconds, so if this is then they were pinning):confused::confused:. Thank you and good luck. ;):wink:
(I posted a video of the match. The link is below.)

Unfortunately from the angle displayed, it’s impossible to tell if what occurred from the 1:12 to 1:18 mark of the video was Pinning/Trapping.

Ok thanks, next time I’ll try to get a better angle of what is going on all around the field.

You’re welcome.

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